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Despite being divided by borders we still share a lot of things like fashion, food, culture, and most importantly technology. And with this technology nowadays we can enjoy our free time playing our favorite games online and competing with players sitting anywhere in the world.

Well, the most common type of game played all over the world are the board games, and among all of them, there is one most popular ancient game GOMOKU. In this article, we will discuss how to play Gomoku.


Gomoku has a long history, dating back to ancient China and Japan, where it was played as a traditional pastime. The game became popular in the West in the 20th century, with many variations and adaptations created to suit different cultures and preferences.

Gomoku is a strategy board game that originated in Japan. The word “Gomoku” literally means “five pieces” in Japanese, referring to the objective of the game, which is to be the first player to place five pieces in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, on a square grid.

The game is also known by other names, such as Renju, Omok, or Five in a Row, depending on the specific rules and variations used. 


  • Gomoku is played on a board consisting of 19 vertical and 19 horizontal lines.
  • The game is played with two players, who take turns placing their pieces on the board.
  • The objective of the game is to be the first player to get five pieces in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  • Each player takes turns placing their pieces on the board until one player has five pieces in a row.
  • Making an overline of six or more stones in a row is not allowed. If a player makes an overline, they lose the game immediately.


After familiarizing yourself with the simple gameplay of the Gomoku you should know about its rules to keep the game fair to everyone.

  1. Pieces must be placed on empty squares on the board you cannot move existing pieces. 
  2. Players can only place one piece per turn.
  3. Players cannot place their pieces so that it would result in three in a row for either player (this is called an illegal move). 
  4. The game ends when one player gets five in a row or when the board is full. Or,
  5. If the board is full and neither player has five in a row, the game is a draw.

NOTE: – These rules may vary slightly depending on the specific variation of Gomoku being played, so it’s always a good idea to check the specific rules before playing.


Now you understand the gameplay and learned the rules of the Gomoku. You should look through some tips and tricks for the game which often people learn from practice and experiences but we are sharing them with you right away so you can master the game easily at the early stage of learning.

  • PLANNING: – Try to plan out your moves ahead of time anticipate your opponent’s moves and react accordingly. Look for patterns on the board and use them to your advantage. 
  • FOCUS: – Do not miss the opportunities to create three-in-a-row with your pieces this will give you an advantage over your opponent, stay focused and observe keenly. 
  • CONFUSE YOUR OPPONENT: – Try to create two (or more) separate rows of three with your pieces—this will give you more chances of winning. 
  • BLOCK YOUR OPPONENT: – Look for opportunities to block your opponent from creating three-in-a-row with their pieces—this will put them at a disadvantage and give you an edge. 
  • BE UNPREDICTABLE: – Don’t forget that your opponent is also playing to win try to outmaneuver them by creating unexpected moves that they didn’t anticipate. 

Remember that Gomoku is a game of skill and strategy, and these tips and tricks can help you improve your chances of winning. Good luck!


Playing Gomoku online can be a convenient way to practice your skills and challenge yourself against players from all over the world. Online games can also offer different variations of the game and different rule sets to keep things interesting. Gomoku can also be played online, either against other human players or against computer opponents. There are many online platforms and apps that offer online Gomoku games, both for free and for a fee.



Overall, playing Gomoku online can be a fun and engaging way to enjoy this classic game and improve your skills. Just remember to stay safe and responsible while playing.


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